A new paradigm for a brighter future !

February 27, 2023, The ChelonianGall community logo is getting a new look.

As many of you know, we joined forces with TrollerPact last year.

While this doesn't change anything about your ChelonianGall community experience, it does mean our logo is getting a new look! Now, you can see our new logo on our website.

What is ChelonianGall?

July 11, 2022, CodinGame discontinued their webchat after years of good services. ChelonianGall is here to replace it!

Here you will find a chat server reachable with the XMPP client of your choice as well as with the dedicated webchat, but also an user script to integrate this webchat on CodinGame!

If you do not know how to use all this stuff, do not hesitate to check the FAQ.